Download Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice as the game is known will be as brutal and bloody as it has ever been. Download SoulSacrifice free at and make decisions that will either get you to lose your leg or your hand. This consequential action game is full of dreadfully brutal combat scenes that allow you to take on roles to relive great battles between monsters and sorcerers in some time past. The magic features needed to fight these battles will cost you something you cherish very much. Something of yours for limitless power, you choose. Your character in Soul Sacrifice download is a sorcerer with cool features that can be customized to your specification with your sacrifices such as tank, DPS and ranged caster. Another great feature about this soon to be released action packed game will include four player co-op play and the ability to decide which team member to sacrifice to in order to defeat a very powerful enemy. The Soul Sacrifice game package will this time come with a cosmic red colored Play station Vita customized with a Soul Sacrifice design at the back.

Some useful information

  • This action game is the baby of Marvelous Entertainment, SCE studios Japan

  • It has Sony Entertainment Computer Entertainment as publishers.

  • News flying around is that this superb game will be released into the Japanese market on March 7 2013 so watch out for it.

  • Customized Play station Vita package

  • Comes with red earphones, a pouch, a strap, a cloth and a cool 4GB memory card

  • Game currently costs a cool $365

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